Hollow Blood - The Hunt For The Foul Murderer Of Ichabod Crane by Austin Dragon ~ 2015

"To blame the foul murder of a good man on an imaginary apparition may be the way of the superstitious folk of these sleepy country-sides, but my vengeance upon his true murderer shall not be denied."

Author: Austin Dragon
Publisher: Well-Tailored Books
Publication date: March 30th 2015 (first published March 14th 2015)
Pages: 172

Jacket design: Whendell Souza

"This book was provided by Austin Dragon in exchange for my honest review alongside my proffered thank-you for asking."

4 Stars

Austin Dragon

Everyone who is in love with the fabled legend of Sleepy Hollow will be captivated along with Julian on the 'hunt' and confrontation for the foul murderer of Ichabod Crane.

In this engrossing 3 part novel, it has been ten years since the last sighting of Ichabod and the Headless Horseman riding on his horse of Death. The folk of Sleepy Hollow and the near-by town Tarry Town like it that way.

In part 1, BROM BONES, Austin Dragon takes you on a ride with a man whose mind is set on a mission so fierce even coming to a "road-block" does not deter the hunt when it comes to blood.

Julian rides into the idyllic Sleepy Hollow meaning for business in the most gentleman like way, and stirs up the nest. Letting it be known, there will be compensation to anyone with information of Ichabod Crane - dead or alive - to settle the affairs of the Estate of  J. Doyle Senior of New Haven, Connecticut.

Folks soon learn the nightmare of what had become a hushed taboo cannot be left well enough alone when it comes to satisfying the scales of justice. Julian is there and demands the superstitious legend of a wrongful death is brought to light. And then settled his way.

Trying to run Julian out of town, the Sleepy Hollow Boys soon find out that Julian is there on business and the gripping scenes Austin Dragon takes you through are picture perfect. A man on a mission - they learned.

Accusing the wrong perpetrator, and believing the motive is there, Julian is about to put an end to all of this superstitious nonsense when the Marshal of the region shows and puts Julian at rest with the accusation.

Being rest assured Ichabod is alive and kickin' the Marshal will take Julian to him.


Part 2, THE MARSHAL, we learn of Damian Marshall being a US Marshal for seven years with a track record of being the best loved Marshal in all of the land. As the story moves along with a pace comfortable for the reader, Austin Dragon makes you turn pages with anticipation.

Taking you into the next chapters, his theme and setting are point on as he continues the legend of Sleepy Hollow. Austin is a fine writer and I believe he keeps his audience in mind as he writes. When you read this novel you can picture the surrounding areas and the folks that make up this great novel.

Characters were described appropriately for the time frame along with their dialogue. I love it when an author can make the reader see and hear all.

Part 2 has all the action I loved in this read. There are scenes that keep your eyes glued to the pages. Austin Dragon writes of actual history of this particular time frame and with his imagination, he incorporates the two into a great weekend mystery read.

THE HESSIAN is part 3 and gives a satisfying closure to the first of this 2 book series. There is a part in the chapter Ride! Across the Bridge From Hell! that had me confused. When Julian was riding toward the hell, in the next minute, he looks over his shoulder and he's riding from hell. Hmm.

Only down-fall in this read for me was there was not enough horror. The novel was an extending story of the fabled legend and I had entertained my brain for horror. Could very will be in the closing novel of this series.
It is a great twist on the legend and kudos are sent with a slap on the back for your imagination Mr. Dragon.

Austin Dragon nails a great spin on avenging the death of one Ichabod Crane...or, will the Headless Horseman continue to ride his Death horse?

Very good read, I do recommend.

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The Witches Of Armour Hill: Switch by Alyssa Cooper ~ 2015

Magically Ingenious

Author: Alyssa Cooper
Publisher: Alyssa Cooper Publications
Publication date: July 20, 2015
Pages: 346
Jacket design: Alyssa Cooper

"This book was provided by Alyssa Cooper in exchange for my honest review alongside my proffered thank-you for asking."

5 Stars

Alyssa Cooper
Ms. Alyssa Cooper's first self-published novel The Witches Of Armour Hill: Switch is ingenious and original. An exciting ride with the descendants of local lore of Peterborough, Ontario.  Legend says that in the 1840’s, a local woman was burned at the stake on Armour Hill for being a witch. She’s been seen roaming the woods behind the Peterborough Lift Lock.

The Witches Of Armour Hill: Switch is an engrossing tale packed with lies, deception, magic, fantasy, and the desire to know the truth.

Margaret May Reis, a 16 year old witch that had been passed from one family member to the next for the last thirteen years, is in pursuit of finding her mother and sister.

Sent to live with a cousin she’s never met, in a city she doesn't remember, Maggie is sure that life as she knows it is over. It doesn't take her long to learn that Peterborough is not at all what it seems. Her first week in the city, Maggie meets a stray cat named Elowen, who seems to appear out of thin air, and then Maggie finds herself at the food court at the mall and meets Rhosyn Meyers - Rhosyn and her sleek black rabbit Belladonna.

From here Ms. Cooper brings the reader onto a magical fantasy journey. Along with some of the local scenery of the Otonabee River, the Lift Lock, mentioning the town of Ashburnham in her novel, from her writing, Ms. Cooper incorporates a beautiful image to the readers. Spellbound writing.

Rhosyn Meyers invites Maggie for a walk and they reach the Lift Lock. And yep, I could see Rhosyn smiling to herself on the way there. And Maggie with a wondering look, but, trustful feelings toward Rhosyn they set off.
The dialog between these two, you can see why they become best friends. That was great dialog.

As Maggie finds herself at the comforting sanctuary of the Ashburnham Coven of Witches at the Morgane House, she is introduced to Amelia Valk, the Matriarch, and her familiar Elah. From Amelia's first look at Maggie, Maggie felt chilled to her bones.

Here she learns to hone her magical powers and finds out through dreams the Morgane House will talk with you if you have the right, shall we say, desire.
She and her new found friends uncover mystery after mystery and I was entrapped by their web of lies, not knowing who to trust, and then bam - a twist. Great writing.

All of her characters have dialog flowing that does not bog down your reading. You are right along with them in the midst of their conversations and heated moments. There are so many characters in this novel and I do like to mention my favorite in my reviews and, well, it has to be the Familiars, so ... many favorites. Great characters.

Alyssa Cooper's pace of her story is quick, yet, not rushed at all. A great comfortable mystery read.

Speaking of the theme and symbolism, what an artistic look at local lore. Myths and urban-myths, legends, mysterious fables, etc. - c'mon who doesn't love a great witch story?  Ms. Cooper uses a finesse incorporating 'old-school' magic and today's teenagers' modern ways in laying a solid foundation of a series that will make readers expecting another great read as the next rolls off her imagination from local lore.

Ms. Cooper's voice is young and vibrant as an author. With this energy, an excellent series is borne. I see future plot lines having one mystical twist after another as in The Witches Of Armour Hill: Switch.

Need a great book to read?, I do recommend.

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Alyssa Cooper is currently working on her next novel The Witches Of Armour Hill, Book Two: Twisted

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It’s (finally) a real actual thing!

The Witches of Armour Hill: Twisted is available now for pre-order, exclusively on Amazon. If you’re an old-fashioned paperback-er, you’ll have to wait until the official release of August 10th - the paperback will be available on Amazon, from the e-store on my website, and, if you live in the Kingston area, from me personally!

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What Lies Within by James Morris ~ 2015

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Author: James Morris
Publisher: Kindle Scout
Publication date: June 2, 2015
Pages: 226
Jacket design: StoryWonk

"This book was provided by James Morris in exchange for my honest review alongside my proffered thank-you for asking."

4 Stars

James Morris

James Morris wrote a fast-paced coming-of-age suspenseful novel that will keep you turning the pages.  This young adult novel has a female leading character showing moxie a few of us could only imagine.

Shelley Marano, a senior in a Valencia, California high school, has her whole life in front of her when her world turns into a mystery from a simple text.

As she sat in class fantasizing about the high school's swim captain, Remy Chastain, her smartphone buzzed and when she looked it was from a number she did not recognize - You're going to die 

Walking the halls, a guy she'd never seen before went up to her and gently pushed her up against some lockers and whispered "I'm not here to hurt you, we don't have much time --".  ..."There's no way of stopping them. You have to get out of here."

"You're adopted, Shelley. You're adopted and I'm your brother." From here on out through the story, your imagination runs trying to figure out what is really going on.

James Morris wrote the story with believable characters. Shelley's (adopted) father has a persona of a loving hard working man that would do anything for his family. Winston (the "ballsy" eunuch) was my favorite character and I hoped for the best for him. There are other characters all holding a very much realistic stance in putting the story together. Enjoying a story where the characters are believable shows great insight from the author.

The action scenes with the mysterious motorcyclist grabbed me as a reader. The images James Morris displayed in words are vividly expressed.

What Lies Within is a story of Nature vs. Nurture. Within this story, the way some of us go about it is quite morbid and made me wonder if there are people and agencies actually committing such acts.

Shelley goes about finding her real birth parents and in the end she finds a whole new world. When she finds out the truth of her real birth parents, she thinks all of her quirks and thoughts throughout her young life start to make sense.

The plot twists and turns into a very enjoyable read. Shelley doesn't rest - hence your page turning.

The writing to me was a bit rushed. Not sure if it was I or rushed due to getting the story across. I am glad I was satisfied with the ending and am looking forward to where Shelley takes herself.

Great suspenseful mystery for young adults.

I do recommend.

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About the author  ~

Connect with James

I am a creative professional with over ten years of experience in digital, business and creative writing, providing cross-media content solutions.  As a former television writer with produced credits including “Smallville” and “Crossing Jordan,” I worked with a team of writers pitching, crafting and following ideas from concept to script to final episode.  This necessitated the ability to deliver within tight deadlines, on budget, while integrating notes from various stakeholders.  I love brainstorming ideas for seemingly intractable problems.

I have since entered the digital world and worked with companies such as NBC.com and the health care industry copywriting, blogging and editing. 

I have also taught screenwriting at UCLA Extension, which focused on the art of short films, where through lectures, assignments and screenings, I guided students towards the completion of a short script. 

I continue to learn about the ever-evolving world of social and content marketing, and my goal is to take my love of storytelling and help corporations tell their own stories, as well as continuing to write my own.

To check out a list of my professional writing credits, check out my IMDb.com page.

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 From James Morris:

Abraham Lincoln Must Die

President Lincoln was a national hero – or so we believe. But the truth is more disturbing. When a visitor from a distant planet arrives during the height of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln enlists him to save the Union. But at what cost?
In Initiation, a young boy on the cusp of puberty realizes he is changing in more ways than one.
And in Crash, a woman finds an unexpected ally at work with deadly consequences.
Abraham Lincoln Must Die & Two Other Tales invites you see the world in totally unexpected and terrifying ways.

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