Blue Stars and Other Tales of Darkness by Tony Tremblay ~ 2019

 Tremblay will taunt you,
he will snag you;
he will pour horror into you.

Author: Tony Tremblay
Publisher: Macabre Ink (May 30, 2019); an imprint of Crossroad Press
Publication: May 30, 2019
Pages: 214
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1950565637
ISBN-13: 978-1950565634
ASIN: B07SB4S2DJ - Publisher: Crossroad Press (June 18, 2019)
Introduction: Tom Deady
Author photographer: Chris White

5 Stars

Tony Tremblay
As I have stated before, Tony Tremblay's writing would fill any horror reader's appetite. From his critically acclaimed short horror collection The Seeds of Nightmares to his full blown-out Bram Stoker-nominated debut The Moore House, if you're looking for a great horror story - just ask Tony.

Blue Stars and Other Tales of Darkness is chock full of horror and chills; eleven tales my mind went through and thoroughly enjoyed ~ immensely. Tony delivers Hell, and you can do nothing other than appreciating what your mind goes through as you read.

First off, in appreciation to this collection of short horror, before each tale is story notes that tell the glimpse of the history behind each tale. How many times as a reader you are asking yourself, "Where, what, how in the hell?;  I felt that was a nice contribution.

Tremblay's writing is smooth folks, there's a pace you will enjoy, and has enough anticipation in the atmosphere as you read, it really does makes you want to turn the page. He incorporates quick growth of his characters and their dialogue into a really good time.

He has this ability to take your hand, softly, and introduce to you a hell you won't see coming. Then for some reason, your hand is clenched and locked in as if in a vise until you turn the last page. I have told the world before, Tony has an innate ability with his writing to take the reader on a very clear perception of making the reader realize how close their everyday reality is to his fiction writing.  My point would be made in this tale called The Scum Bar. 

The Scum Bar 
I pictured quite well. A noir tale of a couple of two-bit thieves whom would muster at this dive bar to contemplate their next heist. One of the thieves had got himself into a predicament and their next heist was going to get him out of it, yet, this offer that came up seemed a little to bit "too convenient" for the other thief. As warnings were coming out of his mouth, they were to no avail. As the heist was going down and the story ending, I thought, be careful of what you wish for. The ending worked out for one character I was agreeing with with their decision. And sadly (in all reality) I know damn well, those type of characters are in dive bars all across our globe right now, contemplating.

Blue Stars 
Are magical in their own right. A story of Edgar's loss of his daughter Mercedes and his dying need to be together again with her. This heartbreak tale takes place at a diner with a new waitress wanting/needing to help this poor man out. After his house had burned down with his daughter in it and a divorce six months after, he is spotted going around town to other restaurants and diners looking for a cup of Blue Stars. After Edgar explains to the waitress about blue stars she hoped she had found some at the Goffstown Pawn Shop and the next time Edgar shuffled in and made his way to his booth at the diner, she was almost too pleased with herself to provide him with his order. A cup of Blue Stars. Edgar stares at his cup and then turns to the waitress, smiles and says, "Thank you" - Folks, sometimes when you do good things, bad things happen and what happens next ...

The Thaumaturge 
This is a story of days of old and tales untold ~ you need to be careful of what you demand from your thaumaturge (a witch), or careful of who you marry? A delightful little tale of two cities that lived in peace for 25 years, the Red City and the Black City. King of the Red City had doubts or maybe they were nothing more than 'second-thought's on his wife the Queen, now folks, she was born into the citizenry of the Black City and they stayed true to one another through the years. Yet, the battle ensued. Ah, at one kind of price? Folks, this tale is a grinner of a story. The Black Army was gaining and the King didn't want to lose his two sons, Bekitt and Erin, who were commanders in his Army so he called upon his thaumaturge. The thaumaturge had warned the King if she used her magic, there will be a price to pay.

As this tale ends, you, yourself as a reader, might grin right along with someone else.

Trout Fishing at Glen Lake 
Killer of a story. Killer of a story, Mr. Tremblay. Folks, this tale of two young boys, Billy and John, witnessing a murder and then were spotted, wouldn't you want to turn and high-tail it out there? Yeah, I'm with ya.

Well, even though one of them getting shot, they made it to their destination. Kind of. It was a building Billy saw a couple days ago, but, looked like new owners moved in and now it's a pawnshop. They made it inside and met the new owner and so didn't those two murderers. They caught up with the boys.

Folks, here Tremblay takes you on your journey through a hell so deliciously entertaining, your just gonna love this read. The owner of the pawnshop is a great character from Tony's Bram Stoker-nominated debut novel The Moore House (2018). I love reading about this character. His demeanor, his movements/actions, facial expressions, great great character. Now, his partner Rex. He's a mystery. There's an enigmatic force surrounding him and he is a very interesting character in his own right.

Here on out through the tale, what happens between the five of them you are so engrossed with the read, your plainly just appreciating Tremblay's talent here as a writer and then comes the ending. He knows how to close a great short horror story all neatly tied up and explained away, I'm telling you folks, this is really good reading.

The ending came with one of the boys making sure and settling it in his own mind to never step inside that pawnshop again. Ever.

Stanley's Hole  Simply put folks, if the end of the world is coming, Do Not!, stick your finger in that hole. Let Stanley.

Those are just a few tales I remarked on, though seriously folks, this collection of horror tales is really good material to satisfy any itch you have for horror and dark fantasy.

Highly recommended.

Tony's writing was referred by award-winning John McIlveen a couple years back.  Folks, other great reads and I mean, great reads come from John's pen.  You are very welcomed, readers.

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About the author:

Tony Tremblay
Tony Tremblay is the author of The Seeds of Nightmares, a collection of his short stories from Crossroad Press that made the Bram Stoker Awards Recommended Reading List.

The Seeds of Nightmares debuted at number two on the Amazon Hot Horror Chart and made the top twenty in the Amazon Horror sales listing. His horror and noir themed tales have been featured in anthologies, magazines, and websites on both sides of the Atlantic.

In addition to his print work, Tremblay is the host of The Taco Society Presents, a cable T. V. show on G-TV based out of Goffstown, NH ( it can be viewed on YouTube ) that features discussions on horror as well as guest interviews with horror authors.

In addition, he has worked as a reviewer of horror fiction for Cemetery Dance Magazine, Beware The Dark Magazine, and the Horror World Website. He (along with John McIlveen and Scott Goudsward) founded NoCon, a horror convention held every September in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Also, Tony Tremblay is the writer of numerous short stories that have been published in various horror anthologies, horror magazines, and webzines under his pen name, T T Zuma.

He lives in New Hampshire with his wife Paula.

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