Conviction by Kimberly Shursen ~ 2016

Whatever you believe with conviction becomes your reality, whether or not it is true or false.
 —Brian Tracy

Author: Kimberly Shursen
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Publication: August 15, 2016
Pages: 337
Language: English
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5 Stars

Kimberly Shursen

Kimberly Shursen took a controversial topic and voiced herself beautifully as she penned of the Parrish family from Justyce, Georgia.

As I have read her outstanding trilogy Lottery, I now have indulged in another great read, listen folks, Kimberly has a flair when describing a topic that is right here under all our noses.

Her writing will tell you a story that we all have at least heard of, but, of course, all with fictional characters  -  and her characters?  oh they read so real  -  so no worries.  Your alongside for the ride for sure.

A lot of people have an issue with mixed bloods  -  let Ms. Shursen tell you a story:

Ms. Shursen introduces Dr. Vince Monahan, a pediatric surgeon in Northside Hospital was raised in the Church of Truth and believes he was chosen to carry out the Holy Writ's Eleventh Commandment: "Thou shalt not enter into covenant with those of a different nation."

Zeb Parrish - a seventy-two-year-old African American - reflects on his family history after losing his only child, Chelsea, to suicide.

Zeb says his goodbye's to the closed casket and now - this old man with a forgetful mind and arthritic knees is deeply concerned for the care of his granddaughter, Lillie.  He sets out to find the man who broke his daughter's heart.

All the while, in the background of everyday living for ten years, the Atlanta police have been searching for a perpetrator who has been abducting biracial girls between the ages of six and eight, then, returning them 3 days later apparently unharmed and close to their family.

The children cannot remember what happened in those days and cannot describe their abductor.

Now, Zeb and his home that was built by his great-great-grandfather with a dilapidated shed sat on 25 acres of what once was a thriving peach orchard where an early frost took it one year was numb.  He was real numb.  But, one determined man set out on a mission.

He found Lillie's father alright - the repeat offender T.J. Bennett, a white guy locked up in Holsten State Prison.  Zeb goes to have a visit and after a few visits he understands what Chelsea had seen in him.  So, he takes a risk/chance and invites T.J. to his home after his release.  But is adamant of not telling T.J. Lillie is his daughter.  Not yet.  Zeb wants to know and feel in his bones that T.J. is worthy of Lillie and has the capacity to hold such responsibilities.

Tells T.J. he needs help fixing up his place, keeping T.J. understanding the reason for the return of favor T.J. meets Maddy.  They have eyes for each other and Kimberly their relationship I loved.  Thanks for making these two a couple of great characters.

Lillie gets into a cast from a fall and when Dr. Monahan looks into Lillie Parrish's round, apple green eyes in the emergency room of Northside Hospital, he knows she will be is the next child he will cleanse, giving yet another innocent child of God the gift of salvation.  And so he finds the one that was sent to him to assist  -  Olivia.  This s.o.b. I'm telling ya.

When Lillie goes missing, oh hell this book gets good   -  T.J. faces a decision; with all the bull that is spinning around in his head, should he run and forget the past he started or risk going back to prison to find the innocent child who loves him unconditionally?  Well time is running out on Lillie before she'll lose something she'll never have back.

Ms. Shursen took the characters and weaved them intricately together.  All the characters in Conviction are tied to each other in such a cool way.  Zeb, T.J., girlfriend Maddy, and longtime family friend Ronnie, to name a few, even a four legged little one is running around in the mix.

Zeb, throughout the story is such a level-headed guy, I just love him. 

Conviction will captivate your feelings for all who are involved in finding Lillie.  The characters that pop up during the read are weaved nicely and so nicely in fact your gonna be pissed or surprised at, well, I'll leave it at that, your gonna be....  I was both. They are very familial with each other, dialog timed excellently throughout the story.  After you get that feeling of their connection here is where you fall victim and are connected to the read till the end.

Oh this book is good.  Grabbed me from the get and the pace of the story is great.  Moved right along and your busy wishing and hoping.  It reads as an audible for me ( my voice of course ) easy comfortable read your gonna enjoy.  It is deep with morals, values, social mores, and principles of today's society for sure.

The moral of this story one could say -  Justyce was served.

Kimberly Shursen is one author to follow.  She has a flair that delivers and after the read? you'll say a few things to yourself  guaranteed.

Would I have to tell you I would recommend ?  I do, I do recommend to follow  Ms. Shursen and her story-telling flair.  Resoundingly.  Thanks Kimberly for another great read, Thank You!

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