Three On A Match: The Terror Project, Volume 2 by Kristi Petersen Schoonover / g. Elmer Munson / Melissa Crandall~ 2017

Three on a match: 
 (also known as third on a match or unlucky third light)
is a purported superstition among soldiers during the Crimean War to World War II
The superstition - if three people light their smokes off of one match, one of them will die.

Author: Melissa Crandall / g. Elmer Munson / Kristi Petersen Schoonover
Publisher: Books & Boos Press
Publication: September 5, 2017
Pages: 252
ISBN-10: 0997932929
ISBN-13: 978-0997932928
Language: English
Cover design: Ana Lucia Cortez
Foreword: David Daniel

4 Stars, 3 Stars, 5 Stars - respectively

"This book was provided by Stacey Longo in exchange for my honest review alongside my proffered thank-you for asking."

Stacey Longo
What a project Stacey Longo has going on around her; The Terror Project - 3 books, 3 novella's per book, 3 different authors per book - each heading for your dreadful and ghastly reading pleasure.

I would say this read was gripping, peopled with vivid characters and pulsed with suspense.  Loved it!

Her project starts with Triplicity: The Terror Project Vol. 1 by Stacey Longo / Tony Tremblay / Rob Smales ~ 2016.  In this read you will find, right along with Stacey, two gentlemen that puts terror rightfully in its place - in your mind.

Triplicity: The Terror Project: Volume 1 sets the stage for introducing part 2 on her terror project and I cordially invite you to read my review on Triplicity.

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Kristi Petersen Schoonover
Three On A Match: The Terror Project, Volume 2 starts with Splendid Chyna by Kristi Petersen Schoonover describing not all the dead rest in peace.

CeCe, the main character, is the vehicle for setting justice? and entering her own personal Twilight Zone?

Departing the abuse of her old man, whom is now in prison, and trading it in for the abuse of the Florida humidity with her loving new beau, Art, CeCe is starting afresh and wants to go through that good-vibe feeling one should go through when you start again.  The day she moves into her new home - it's raining.  Go figure, right?

She has a daughter of thirteen years, Eliza, whom is usually hushed and waved politely away in a sense during this read for me, (loved her small part), has an older brother, Devon, who is the dark and mysterious sixteen-year-old skateboarder.

CeCe is introduced to the ladies of the cul-de-sac, - gossip congregating at the pool -  while enjoying their drinks and planning a progressive dinner, they do a job filling her in with the history of the neighborhood.

As CeCe grasps the idea of their home is built upon an amusement park that never became, her life is not what she was expecting.  She tries to mend a broken teacup of Devon's from the move and from there on out the read explodes into a great ending.  From the relationship between her son and Art, the music she keeps hearing, all the ladies, her daughter Eliza, and Chyna - the story crescendos into an ending from out of nowhere.  Relief, did come, at least for

Kristi's atmosphere was penned for the reader to feel the eeriness throughout and her pace was wrote in a way you want to turn the page in hopes of relief will be there.  She made you feel CeCe's anxieties and who wouldn't love that in a read?  What slowed me was the gossip around the pool.  Not sure if it was the dialog or the setting or, the events surrounding the scene or maybe the whole mix, or ... sure can't pinpoint it, but, a great read folks, rest assured.

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All's Well That Ends
g. Elmer Munson
g. Elmer Munson

Cops.  Banks.  Clowns.

Had a blast trying to envision the scenes and I ducked my head here and there, yes.  But the story was too rushed for me to really enjoy the read.  I had to reread a few sentences here and there to understand who did what and when, and who shot who, and where did you pop up from?, and ... so forth.

Folks, depicting chaos and all the action is exciting when using these clown characters.  Crazy scenes were jumping out of the pages as the complete chaos told a story.  Some of you are really going to enjoy this even though I felt rushed.  I did feel the 'change of air' between outside events and inside events.

This is one bank-job you gotta read if you like grinnin' while you read.

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Melissa Crandall
Thicker Than Water
Melissa Crandall

When you start reading, Melissa will tell you a tale absolutely hooking you from start to finish.  And afterwards? one decent smile of satisfaction.

This was my favorite of the three.  Melissa has a way with prose.  Seasoned.

This tale reminded me of the debut novel Burial Rites (2013) by Hanna Kent.  Thicker than water is a witch story where the hoi polloi's view is thicker than the actual facts the accused is accused of.

All Cora Coleman is actually doing is waiting for husband Brendan to come back home, safely, from his whaling trip.  She gets accused of bewitching Owen at the social to make him come after her, even though he is engaged to another.  As all the trials and tribulations of Cora Coleman's days were unfolding, the ending I gasped as I read who was going to witness what.

The setting and atmosphere - I was there - thank you Melissa.

The character's in this tale were my vehicle for my enjoyment.  Owen, or I should say, smug Owen (boy, I'd like to take him outside and have word or two with him) and his lady Grace Ellison  were depicted exactly who they were.  In fact folks, every character had their own temperament which made them stand clearly apart from one another.

Tension, surprise, heartache, and disappointment play throughout, and you will enjoy yourself as you read how an innocent remark marks a most excellent read - "Mam, What's a succubus?"

Three On A Match: The Terror Project, Volume 2

In back of The Terror Project, there are the stories behind the stories.  A little back-drop of where the authors got their ideas.  So cool.

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About the authors  ~

Melissa, Elmer, Kristi

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 Melissa describes herself as a “tea snob” and loves being outdoors and around animals. A proud native of Upstate New York, she currently lives in Connecticut with her husband Ed and their pets, a lovable Australian shepherd named Holly, and a “damn fine” cat named Ruby.

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 g. Elmer Munson is a New England writer of the strange and unusual as well as the horrors of everyday life. He lives with his family and a posse of various critters in a creaky farmhouse older than America herself.

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 Kristi lives in the Connecticut woods with her housemate, Charles, two cats--Poe and Mikey--and her husband, paranormal investigator and occult specialist Nathan Schoonover of The Ghostman & Demon Hunter Show (
She has a passion for ghost stories, marine life, and Tarot cards and still occasionally sleeps with the lights on.

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Stacey Longo
 Writer, creative wit, and beauty to boot. What more could you ask for in your favorite author?

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