Memphis Hoodoo Murders by Kathryn Rogers ~ 2015

"Murder by Hoodoo - it could happen to you!"

Author: Kathryn Rogers
Publisher: Sartoris Literary Group (August 15, 2015)
Publication: August 15, 2015
Pages: 360
Language: English
Jacket design: Renee Reedy
Author photographer: her husband

"This book was provided by Kelsey McBride in exchange for my honest review alongside my proffered thank-you for asking."

5 Stars

Kathryn Rogers
Memphis Hoodoo Murders grabs you with it's spell and won't let you go until the last page. This fast paced read will keep you flipping pages, a thriller filled with characters you'll love and hate and at times you'll wish you have some magic of your own to help out Addie.

Addie Marie Jackson, has been witnessing her family under constant threat of being killed her entire life and now they are after her. And her Grandma's ring.

They keep getting bothered by this local gang called the Skullbangerz but the police have been bewitched to do nothing about it. When the gang wants her Grandmothers ring, Grandma pretends to Addie that she has no idea what they are talking about.

This enigmatic secret kept by Addie's Grandparents is the main subject of Memphis Hoodoo Murders. And,what a secret it is.

And if this isn't enough, this plump little 20 year old firecracker has her future frighteningly undecided because of her innate ability to dream of future events - events that do come true, though, she cannot change the outcome no matter how hard she tries.

The story is filled with characters all developing quite expertly throughout this novel. Kathryn Rogers has her own innate ability to have her characters grow with the flow of her story-telling. Excellent character growth. From all the characters in this read - Gavin, Chris, "The Man", Jaydon Swisher, the police, - just to name a few - my favorite character is Addie's friend, Keisha. Reason being, she kept Addie from going off the deep end as she questioned Addie's sanity gently as possible.

Hoodoo Helen is another one of my favorite's. What a great character she had become. The scene's surrounding Hoodoo Helen are picture perfect for the reader. And her house was detailed so you could actually 'see' what was going on.

This tale is told in the first-person and Addie shows you what her unpredictable daily life is like in Memphis living with her Grandparents and their secret.

What kept me hanging on every page was the pace Kathryn Rogers had set. The pace of the story matched the character development along with the twists on the plot and with an ending that was quite satisfying, hell, I loved it!

I invite you to check out the secret Pop and Grandma possess. The read is very enjoyable folks.

How do you Hoodoo? - Memphis Hoodoo Murders by Kathryn Rogers - that's how.

Recommend for your personal library is a yes!

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About the author:

Book signing with fellow readers

Kathryn Anderson Rogers is a Memphis native with an affinity for local BBQ and blues rock-n-roll. As a licensed therapist, she holds her Masters in Counseling and Psychology, and as a licensed educator, she holds her Bachelors in Education. Her experience providing counseling services to the community prepared her to expound upon the psychological issues her characters wrestle with in her stories. She currently lives in Jackson, Mississippi with her husband, playful preschooler, and rambunctious Labrador Retrievers.

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