The Dystopian States of AMERICA by Matt Bechtel ~ 2020

You may be repelled, you may be shocked,
you will certainly be horrified, but,
you will read every last word.

This is NOT our future

Editor: Matt Bechtel
Publisher: Haverhill House Publications LLC
Publication: February 28, 2020
Pages: 396
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1949140199
ISBN-13: 978-1949140194
Cover Design and Interior Artwork: Matt Bechtel
Introduction: Christopher Golden

50 United Stars

Matt Bechtel
After a quite frank and open voice of an introduction from New York Times best-selling author Christopher Golden, comes a slew of authors voicing surreal tales of current disturbing times.

Each tale is peppered with a personalized voice from each contributing author.  These are many independent authors I have heard of from all over the social media outlets and was eager to read some of their handy-work.  And, now is prompting me to pick up some of their tales.

Many of these tales throughout this collection of short stories had me shaking my head and grinning.  Many of them left me realizing just how truthful these stories are - without the fictional demented imaginations from the author's story-telling of course.  What else are many of them made me angry.  Angry to a realization that we have many in office directing us into an oblivion course of mayhem and some cases to extinction, because - simply put - they are clueless.
Just as this person who is currently running for the United States Senate did not know the Federal Reserve is a different entity from the government!  This person is running for the Senate folks!  A straight-up fact.

Christopher Golden
Tale after tale, this anthology will wake you.  The authors each took a topic/subject of a newsworthy item and told you an amazing twisted fictional tale, only when you get done reading it, you'll reflect that that is actually what the hell is going on.  It is only peppered with their take on how to incorporate fiction to get their point across to readers.

Folks, if your into horror and tales from another dimension and are hep to the reality of our current worldly affairs, this anthology is a must-read.  It will break up the pang of the doldrums you are faced with on a daily basis, if not on an hourly basis.   You will see that there is a light at the end of this tunnel of what we need to decipher from which is a true fact and from what is not.  For the sole reason, what you will possess in your attitude after you read each of these tales.

Remember the times when we heard the news from the governments of the world and we would, for ourselves, opine what we will decide?  Times have changed and now are forced to hear what the governments decide is the truth, and sadly for many, for their own personal gain - instead of for the people. Your neighbor, your friend, your loved one.

Ah, the dystopian states we live in.  Yet, this is not our future.  The future is not as bleak as it looks from these current times.  Rest assured folks.  Rest yourselves with that assurity, because, you have a voice.  Give a fuck - same as these fantastic authors I have read are doing.  Use your voice.

Recommend? -  Yes, I highly recommend these not so fictional tales ~

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All proceeds from The Dystopian States of AMERICA will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation. The ACLU Foundation is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation, donations to which fund the ACLU’s litigation and public education efforts. As such, all contributing authors have donated their work to this anthology without payment.

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The contributing authors:

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