Shared Disbelief by J. David Core ~ 2015

A serial killer stalks Pittsburgh, re-enacting the history of human sacrifice and martyrdom, attacking religion by attacking the religious.

Author: J. David Core
Publisher: Nook Press
Published: 2015 by J. David Core
Pages: 163
Language: English
Cover Design: J. David Core

"This book was provided by J. David Core in exchange for my honest review alongside my proffered thank-you for asking."

5 Stars

J. David Core
Shared Disbelief, the fourth book and the third full length novel in the Lupa Schwartz Mysteries canon is creatively crafted by a superb pen. J. David Core is a master in telling a story with sublime English usage. His structure with words and sentences, I felt, are perfect in relaying his imagination to paper. I thoroughly enjoy a great read when the author knows how to flow with his writing to captivate the reader.

The story is narrated by Cattleya Hoskin, a journalist for the Gamut Magazine and resident biographer/errand girl of Lupa Schwartz, the private investigator who reminds me of Sherlock Holmes - a logically observant sleuth.

Pittsburgh police detective Trevor Johns arrives at Lupa's residence requesting his help with the murder of Bishop Peter Shimmel and Father Joshua Ameresa. Lupa declines to help immediately, stating he is not equipped to do this type of case. Trevor would like Lupa to meet his profiler, Dr. Vartan Geschenkgeber, he believes Lupa is the guy to ask for valuable input on this case.

When they do meet, it felt like two Alpha males competing for rein. After theories were exchanged and the real reason why Dr. Geschenkgeber asked Lupa there, Lupa and Cat left both knowing Lupa was "played like a violin". Which was fine, they knew who actually controlled the reins.

Lupa does delve into the case and finds a discomforting cycle of killings.  There is a timeline the killer is abiding by it seems and as the old saying goes, "history repeats itself". The killer is re-enacting human sacrifice and martyrdom as it has happened in times past. Throughout all time.

Lupa devises a plan - according to how the killings are, chronologically speaking, he wants to draw out the killer by creating a modern parallel to a famous human sacrifice from the period in history he is about to enter - Hypatia. Hypatia was the librarian at the library of Alexandria. The Christian authorities branded her a heretic and accused her on trumped up charges. They burned the library and flayed Hypatia alive.

Cat using her media means, created an interview with Melanie (a friend of a victim and will be "Hypatia") and will place the interview on the Gamut Magazine's blog. Cat and Lupa do cause mania and the killer... does he or she take the bait? Or nibble?

Cattleya Hoskin was the perfect character to narrate this story. Her POV gave excellent back-story on other characters and insight on Lupa Schwartz.

This novel is part history lesson of religions and part mystery of hunting down a killer. A person who kills another human on spite of his/her beliefs is in my view sadistic. Plain and simple.

I enjoyed the way Mr. Core had incorporated his religious knowledge, shared in a novel of suspense on many different views people do have in God(s) and what had transpired over time.

He moved quite nicely between events throughout the story with no "hiccup" arresting the reader's thoughts while reading. Controlled pace with suspense leading you to turn pages, this novel is a great read. Loved the character Lupa Schwartz.

This is my first Lupa Schwartz mystery and each episode in the series works as a standalone novel. This has to be an excellent series, based on Shared Disbelief. Yes a series you need in your library.

Start the Lupa Schwartz Mysteries canon with the first in the series Extreme Unction.

Extreme Unction: When an autopsy finds traces of the banned insecticide Chlordane in the anointing oil on the corpse of a local big-wig, Pittsburgh police bring Lupa Schwartz, an outspoken non-believer, into an investigation focused on a well-liked local clergyman.  Worried that the police are planning to use him as a political fall-guy, Schwartz coerces Cattleya Hoskin, a magazine reporter with a connection to his family’s past, to chronicle his process and squelch any misgiving that his world-view influenced the outcome.  Suspicion in the case is focused on Fr. Coneely, an outspoken euthanasia advocate who had earlier made the mistake of telling the family of the now-dead man that, hypothetically, he could safely apply poison-laden oil to their suffering father during last rites, and nobody need be the wiser. Was Mr. Hanson the willing victim of a mercy killing, or was a lapsing insurance policy the real motive for one of Hanson’s five children to taint the oil?

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