Paranoia by Ryan Fortier ~ 2014

Jacob, we'll love you always

Author: Ryan Fortier
Publisher: Ryan Fortier 
Published: December 23rd 2014
Pages: 235
Language: English
Jacket design: © 2014 Tatiana Villa

"This book was provided by Ryan Fortier in exchange for my honest review alongside my proffered thank-you for asking."

5 Stars

Ryan Fortier

Paranoia is the debut psychological thriller from Ryan Fortier. His novel portrays a young soul caught in an ever-lasting belief that visceral feelings are claim to the old adage "Listen to your gut." with dire consequences.

The story opens up with Jacob Tyler and his girl Sarah Clark playing chess and when his parents arrive from their dinner date, "Checkmate" is proclaimed by Sarah. Parents wondered where their friend Keith was and after concerns but the OK from mom Jacob was allowed to head out to the Lancaster High's end of the year party where Keith was helping set up. Sarah was going to head out with members of her debate team to have their own end of the year pizza party.

Bob's house is out in the middle of no where, a perfect place for high school students to let loose, have fun, and drink. Everyone there seemed to be having the blast. Keith met him when he arrived and as high school boys are high school boys they took in the "scenery".  Jacob was with Bob when Amanda Rourke, one of Sarah's friends, came up to Jacob and asked him to dance. Soon afterwards, led him outside. Before they started to rub their hands all over each other with lips locked on to each other, Jacob had to stop and excuse himself - she wasn't Sarah.

Jacob headed back inside to find Bob. Bob left to go buy more beer. "Shit" Jacob had a bad feeling about Bob driving drunk. He strolled over to a chair thinking this night has been interesting "...Let's just hope Bob doesn't ruin it by killing someone"

Jacob overhears an argument and gets up and investigates. He finds a guy trying to rape Becky. Jacob dive tackles the guy and after a scuffle, Keith jumps in and finishes the rapist off with repetitive blows to the face and leaves him with a broken jaw. "Go inside, call the police, and check on the girl." Jacob says. "I'll be right in." Then his phone rings.

"Jacob!" It was his mother sounding fearful and desperate, "We'll love you always." Nothing but silence followed.

Ryan Fortier takes you on a journey with Jacob trying to get on with his life four month's after the callous murder of his parents only to be let down when he starts to believe the killer has returned to make him the target.

For four months unanswered questions and the nightmares that had set in haunted Jacob. Who could brutally murder his parents? Why?  After a nightmare the night before, Lt. Simmons had shown Jacob a photo of the vandalism on his mother's grave, the same words he had visioned: We'll love you always. As far as Jacob was concerned, Chief of police Michael Lim and Lt. Simmons weren't doing their job so he convinced himself it was up to him. He rounded up Keith and Sarah as his posse and they set out to find answers. With dire consequences. 

Paranoia has the descriptiveness I need in a great thriller. For example, the storm and the lightning in the background during the scene where Jacob and Sarah were explaining to Keith about his nightmare of his mother's last words, the same words that were on the tombstone assailed my senses. The words were placed in the right place and at the right time.

There are parts in the story that had to have been explained to you, the reader, with Jacob's life from his elementary school days to his high school years were disclosed throughout the story with gratifying satisfaction. An exemplar would be how he illustrated Jacob's knowledge of handguns quite the way how two boys would after Keith shown Jacob his dad's gun in the closet. Another would be the scene at recess in fourth grade.

The story has the elements of great prose and pacing. Ryan Fortier's capabilities to wrap your imagination into a read is admirable for a debut author.  His signposts to future events were creatively suspenseful. The dialogue was on point for teenage patois and his interior-monologue filled in what no movie could. (The book is always more colorful)

With a cast of nearly twenty characters each playing a significant role in making Paranoia, Fortier introduced and succinctly defined their bio as a seasoned writer.

Does Jacob ever find out who heartlessly killed his parents? Ryan Fortier's plot of Jacob's paranoia escalates into an ending with a heart-breaking repercussion with a heart-warming twist. Mmm, gotta read this.

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