An interview with Eric Kapitan

Eric Kapitan
Fireflies of the Dead - October 2017

Mr. Kapitan,

Thank you for taking your time for me ~

Who are your influences? 

Jack Ketchum, Edward Lee, Clive Barker and Edgar Allan Poe.
Horror movies have been a huge influence on my desire to tell stories. When I was around 8-9 years old I became obsessed with the movie Halloween. From there, I just went out and found any horror film I could find. Night of the living Dead, Suspiria, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Hellraiser. These were movies that made me go “Wow! I wanna tell stories like that!”

When did you begin writing?

I've been writing off and on since 1st grade.  At first, I wanted to write screenplays and make movies. However, I am a huge control freak and realized with writing a short story or book  I could have total control and no limitations.

How do you come up with your stories, characters, character names, POV, etc.?

I just think about things I would want to read and subject matter that I find disturbing.

If you could actually meet one of your characters, who would it be?  Why?

I don't think I'd want to meet any of my characters. Most of them are complete scum and a tad insane!

Do you work from an outline? 

I start with an outline that details everything from beginning to end.  Once I actually start writing,  it often goes in a completely different direction.

Tell me about your favorite scene in your novel(s). 

In my short story and poetry collection Fireflies of the Dead. Creature From The Sky has a scene I enjoyed writing.  A creature falls through space landing onto earth where an unsuspecting little boy finds it. This happens at the beginning of the story and I loved the imagery I created.

Can you tell us a little about your writing philosophy? 

Write what you enjoy and more than likely someone else will enjoy it too.

Have you ever tried writing in any other genres? 

Horror is my passion but I have dabbled in Comedy.

Do you have any interesting writing-related anecdotes to share?

“Oh you must be a serial killer.” or  “Oh you must be mentally unstable.”.  Some people can't separate reality from fiction.

Do you listen to music as you write?

Yes, I'll listen to an entire album over and over again while I am writing. 


Here are some suggestions I feel readers would like to read:

The Abuse of Ashley Collins by Jon Athan- It reminded me so much of Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door that I almost became Furious. However, it got so ridiculous toward the end that I got a kick out of it.

The inspiration behind your book, the benefits of your book for the reader and any personal related story compared with the world of your book ~

I'd say a lot of my writing has one central theme, belonging. That may seem very odd considering the genre I write in but many of my characters (both bad and good) all try to find a purpose, where they fit in the world.  Quite a few of the short stories in Fireflies of the Dead have this theme, some may just be a bit more obvious about it than others.

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About the author  ~

Author Eric Kapitan

Connect with Eric

Eric Kapitan fell in love with the horror genre at a young age.  Binge watching Horror Movies such Halloween and Night of the Living Dead.  It wasn't long before Kapitan wanted to tell Horror stories of his own.  Never afraid to push the boundaries, Kapitan believes Horror should be hard hitting and leave an impression.

Eric Kapitan currently resides in Vermont.  He enjoys spending time with family/friends, drinking a nice cold Vermont beer, and going to Horror conventions.

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