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All The Dead Men


Errick Nunnally

This title will be released from Twisted Publishing on July 20, 2020

The plot was broken, but something more sinister has taken its place: a vampire church built around the image of a woman who seems strangely familiar to Alexander.

These zealots are hellbent on restoring what they believe the status quo to be, one of vampire over human, and Alexander wants nothing to do with it. Until a child--one he'd rescued decades ago, now an adult--turns up in a pornographic video made by a film crew that has been slaughtered. His adopted daughter, the vampire Ana, seems to be missing.

At wit's end, Alexander has few allies. With Majispin in hiding, the pack decimated, and only a few willing to both hate and help him, Alexander must confront The Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Death and deal with the unexpected threat of Ana's grandsire, an old and powerful vampire who has consumed his own soul.

The monster wants nothing more than to possess the only love Alexander has left in the world.

~ This is book 2 in the Alexander Smith series ~

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SNAFU: Medivac
A Charity Anthology of Military Horror

A charity anthology for James A. Moore’s medical costs and ongoing costs of living.
James A. Moore is the award-winning author of over twenty novels, thrillers, dark fantasy and horror alike.

There are 120,000 words, with four original stories and eight best-of-SNAFU reprints.

Some of the most important military missions have been medical evacuations – medivacs.
Soldiers don’t often fight for themselves. They fight for the guy next to them, their brother, their friend, their family.

And they fight hard.

In 2019, Cohesion author and friend… hell, more family, really… Jim Moore was suddenly in the struggle of his life. He overcame the Big C, but his fight is ongoing. A fight to pay for all the treatments in a country that has no free public health system, and a fight to claw his way back from the ravages of the very treatment that saved his life.
His fight is our fight, and if we don’t fight for our friends, is there anything really worth living for?

All income from SNAFU: Medivac goes to Jim to help pay his bills and keep his household functional.
Once this is no longer necessary, the income will transfer to a cancer research or treatment charity.

A Kindle edition for $6.99 on Amazon

After your purchase visit James A. Moore at his site
and check out his works

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Somewhere In Between


Dawn Hosmer

 Publisher: Gestalt Media

This title will be released on June 2, 2020

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My name is Mackenzie Bartholomew, or at least it was. I’m staring at my dead body, lying in a casket. I was a healthy, thirty-nine-year-old mother of three. I have so many questions but very few answers. Was I murdered? Did I commit suicide?

I don’t know if I’m in some sort of purgatory or if I’ve gone straight to hell. I’m stuck somewhere in between life and death, forced to travel back in time to relive moments from my past, ones I’d rather forget. I’m desperate to piece together the details surrounding my death. If I don’t, I fear my soul will never find rest.

Chock full of family drama, secrets, betrayal, and lies, Somewhere in Between is a Psychological Thriller with wicked twists that will keep you hooked until the last page.

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Enjoy my interview with Dawn Hosmer

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Edward Newton

Publisher: Grinning Skull Press 

Publication: February 18, 2020

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Twenty years ago, Roman Carver turned his back on civilization and retreated to the mountains for a simpler, albeit more rugged existence. During that time, he's had to face a number of predators that threatened his new way of life, but nothing that he's encountered in the past could have prepared him
for this new threat.

There's something in the white…

It came with the snow, perfectly camouflaged. It destroyed Roman's cabin, forcing him to seek aid at the nearby Enchanted Points Ski Resort. But then it razed the resort, leaving behind a rag-tag band of survivors.

…and it's hungry.

Now, in white-out conditions and a temperature that continues to drop, it's up to Roman to lead them all to safety. But the weather isn't their only obstacle. First, there's the creature. Then there's the wall around town that the creature has been building. And then there's what's on the other side of the wall…

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The Bank


Bentley Little

Publisher: Cemetery Dance Publications 

This title will be released on April  28, 2020

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"We know who you are! Can your current bank say that? We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled service to all of our customers. We're looking forward to banking with YOU!"

In the small town of Montgomery, Arizona, Kyle Decker's book shop is barely breaking even. When a bank opens in the empty storefront next door, he hopes the new establishment will bring in more foot traffic. Trouble is, nobody has ever heard of The First People's Bank and the local branch has appeared mysteriously overnight.

Their incentives for new customers seem reasonable... at first. But is it a coincidence when Kyle's wife has her identity stolen, and his son receives emails that seem to know his private thoughts? Or when the manager of a competing financial institution dies a gruesome death?

Soon, if people in Montgomery, Arizona, want to buy a new car or home, or if they need a small business loan, they have no choice but to work with The First People's Bank. As The Bank makes increasingly bizarre demands on its customers, it becomes clear the town may be in too deep... and the penalty for an early withdrawal is too terrifying to imagine.

With his latest original novel, Bentley Little's dark, razor-sharp satire takes on the worst practices of our banking industry, and you'll never look at your loan officer the same way again.

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