Mama Cried by Talia Haven ~ 2015


Author: Talia Haven
Sheehan and Haven; 1st edition
Publication date: January 9th 2015

Pages: 12
Jacket design: Sytiva Sheehan

5 Stars

"This book was provided by Deborah DeVore in exchange for my honest review alongside my proffered thank-you for asking."

This story took me by surprise - seeing it was only 12 pages my first thought it could be an very long prelude to a novel. Well the message within those 12 pages is a novel in and of itself.

Jenny a young girl is playing in a playground on the swing set with her friends Christa and Jamal and their dogs. They all have two dogs each. When suddenly Azula the guardian shows up and tells Jenny to tell her friends goodbye.

Azula, Jenny and her two puppies - Morgan and Wilson continue to walk and come upon a heavy steel door. Set inside grey-painted cinderblock, on either side of the cinderblock is a black nothingness.

"Do you remember why Mama cried?" Azul asks and Jenny replies with a "No". She tells Jenny that today is the day that she has to make a big decision and there is no right or wrong answer & as soon as they walk through that door Morgan and Wilson will grow up and become hounds but they will still be hers.

Theodore James Moore III can see Azula, Jenny and her two dogs - no one else can. Azula tells  the hateful looking man "Today is your judgment day, and Jenny gets to decide your fate."

The writing is very dark and mysterious in a deep dreadful approach. Mama Cried is a stand-alone story that has a huge message from a child's POV. As you read you hope there is back-story coming so you would understand what horrible nightmare this little girl went through.

As you read this story you can't scan your finger quick enough over a Kindle or NOOK nor a page in fear of tearing not only the dog-ear off but the page itself. Talia Haven has a way with words to pack such a blow to your emotions.

After finding out why Mama cried, Jenny stirs the reader's heart, mind and soul leaving you wanting more details. Yet I believe this is exactly what Talia Haven had in mind as she wrote. This story will leave a vivid memory in your thoughts for some time to come.

Talia's theme, mood and tone takes care of the setting as a horror movie would. Her characters did not have to be explained with bio and the such - there was no need. This story has an air of mystification that grabs you and has a magnetic allurement that will not let you go until you find out why Mama Cried.

You'll be relieved when you know Mad Kitty is there.

This powerful very short stand-alone story is highly recommended.

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