An interview / spotlight with Holly Schindler

A road trip for a motley crew from the Granite Ridge Retirement Community—in a vintage Mustang convertible, no less—quickly turns into an adventure of second chances, fresh starts, and the discovery that love is never a landmark in the rearview mirror. No matter what the odometer reads, as long as there’s gas in the tank, there are always still new roads to explore...plenty of miles left yet.

Holly Schindler
I’m a hybrid author of both critically acclaimed traditionally published and Amazon bestselling independently published books for readers of all ages.

My work has received starred reviews in Booklist and Publishers Weekly, has won silver and gold medals in ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year and the IPPY Awards, respectively, has been featured on Booklist’s Best First Novels for Youth and School Library Journal’s What’s Hot in YA, and has been a PW Pick of the Week.

This year, my MG novel, THE JUNCTION OF SUNSHINE AND LUCKY, has been nominated for five state readers’ awards, including my own Missouri 
homestate’s Mark Twain Award.

I was excited to learn recently that my next traditionally published book, SPARK (YA / HarperCollins / May 2016) just received a fantastic review from Kirkus, which said, in part:

“In Quin, Schindler has crafted a quick-witted, white protagonist who draws readers into her search for answers about her family’s past as well as the Avery’s. Scenes set in the past are rich with authentic voices and period detail, and Schindler’s crisp prose flows easily between the past and the present. Even when it seems impossible for the show to go on, Schindler’s imaginative story will have readers rooting for Quin and her classmates to ‘break a leg.’ A tale of love, family, and friendship, tailor-made for readers who believe in the mystery and magic of the theater.”

Since releasing FIFTH AVENUE FIDOS (a comedy and my first indie novel in ’15), I’ve been having a ton of fun with the indie platform. I got to indulge in my passion project—PLAY IT AGAIN, the sequel to my YA romance PLAYING HURT. I also penned my first senior adult novel, MILES LEFT YET.

My introductory video to the book explains how I came to write a senior adult novel—and why I find the genre so exciting:

 Miles Left Yet

The indie platform also allows me to explore some new formats—specifically, short stories. Throughout 2016, I’m releasing the Forever Finley Short Story Cycle. A new story in the cycle will release once a month throughout 2016; each story takes place in the quaint small town of Finley, and each has a title that reflects the month of its release. Because the stories are stand-alones, they can be read in any order and at any time. (If the synopsis of the January story piques your interest in March, go for it! You’ll be able to jump right in and enjoy the story all on its own, without prior knowledge of what took place in December.) Individually, each story paints one picture, but when read together, the entire year will create a different picture. “Come December,” “January Thaw,” “Forget February,” and “Dearest March…” are all available now.


 I recently even released my first short story for young readers: “Wordquake” follows the misadventures of Izzy Ashby, who HATES reading class and accidentally winds up removing all the words from her elementary school. Every last one. And chaos ensues.

All of my work can be found on my Amazon page

I’ll be doing a ton of new video content as I gear up for the release of SPARK; you can follow along with it all:

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The coolest part of indie work is that the possibilities are only limited by my own imagination. I’ll be branching out in all sorts of new, fun ways as the year goes on.
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~ Holly
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On the behalf of my readers, I would like to thank you Holly for your time with us.