My Ratings

This is based on my opinion on the author's use of his/her craft ~

On the topic of the Star Rated System which everyone and practically any entity involving the publishing world goes by:

I have been reading for 50 plus years and yes, everyone has a different opinion on what they read; I'll come across a novel that I believe is a must-read and some folks would agree, with what I find boring or just plain awful someone else might consider it one of the best reads they've ever read.  I read, think, post - from my view.

✭ 5 Star  ~  The read was absolutely amazing, it should belong in your personal library ~ worth every penny ~ Not only would I recommend it, but I would also highly suggest it

✭ 4 Star  ~  Great book,  I really liked this read - worth the penny? Check.  Everyone should wait on more from this author(s) ~ Highly recommended

✭ 3 Star  Good overall, the read kept me and yes, I would recommend

✭ 2 Star  Would not recommend, based on my opinion found in my review

✭ 1 Star  ~  Difficult to read, hard to finish, would not recommend purchasing or reading; well, unless, well you know ... 

The folks who have decided to throw out the Star Rating System, why don't you pick up the story yourself and read it?

Start your blog.

Most importantly, enjoy ~

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